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Armaflex Ultima

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16 November 2012


Armaflex Ultima is a completely new generation of Armaflex. The blue elastomeric foam is the first flexible insulation material to achieve fire class BL-s1,d0 (B-s2,d0 for sheets above 10mm thick). This means that the insulation material has an extremely low smoke density, making an important contribution to the overall level of fire safety in buildings. Furthermore Armaflex Ultima meets the requirements for sustainable building, such as the criteria for LEED certification. In order to be able to install the new material reliably, Armacell has developed adhesives specifically for use with Armaflex Ultima, including Armaflex Ultima SF990 Adhesive, the first solvent and VOC free Armaflex adhesive. Armaflex Ultima is patent pending and will be launched in autumn 2012.
Low smoke density
In the event of a fire it is vital that those trapped find escape routes quickly – which is only possible with minimal smoke development. The new European fire classification takes this fact into account and when assessing the fire behaviour of building products the smoke density and the production of burning droplets is tested. The new Armaflex Ultima is the first flexible insulation material to achieve fire class BL-s1, d0 (tubes) B-s2, d0 (sheets above 10mm thick) in the European fire test.
Sustainable building 
Public, but also commercial and residential buildings are increasingly planned and built on the principle of sustainability. This applies both to the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings. Buildings which have been certified under LEED or BREEAM are characterised by high resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water and material and have as little negative impact on health and the environment as possible. The certificate best-established internationally is the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Here buildings are assessed according to a catalogue of criteria in six categories. Armaflex Ultima, in combination with the solvent-free Armaflex Ultima SF990 Adhesive, can contribute to fulfilling the criteria for LEED certification. As is the case with all Armaflex insulation materials, Armaflex Ultima makes an important contribution to reducing the emission of climate-damaging CO2. 
Strong adhesives
For a sustainable insulation systems Armacell has developed a new range of adhesives specifically for use with Armaflex Ultima:
Armaflex Ultima SF990 Adhesive: the first solvent and VOC free adhesive for installing elastomeric insulation materials
Armaflex Ultima RS850 Adhesive: High-performance adhesive with reduced solvent content for clean, non-drip installation
Armaflex Ultima 700 Adhesive: reliable special adhesive for a wide temperature range
The choice of adhesive depends on the requirements of the project in question. Armaflex Ultima is available as a complete range of tubes and sheets in standard and self-adhesive versions. In order to provide a reliable insulation system of pipe brackets, the Armafix pipe support is also offered in the new Armaflex Ultima quality.
Armaflex Ultima was first presented at the ISO ’12, the key European trade fair for insulation technology in Cologne. 
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