Plumbing. Heating. Conditioning. Energy Efficiency.

Our magazine is included in Russian Science Citation Index.

About the magazine

Magazine C.O.K. (Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning) — is a monthly magazine for experts and professional engineers, whom specialize in the HVAC industry.

The magazine is published 12 times a year since 2002 and provides professionals with up to date information about plumbing, sanitary engineering, heating, as well as the new HVAC equipment and technology on the market. The magazine contains articles with expert assessments and news, which highlight all the current affairs of the Russian and CIS markets.

The main purpose of the magazine:

● To associate the market professionals, which work in the following industries: engineering, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, energy-saving technologies;

● To promote solutions and systems in those segments of the market;

● To provide operational support and specialized information to industry professionals.

The magazine covers the following topics:

● News, events, exhibitions;

● Overview of trade fairs and seminars;

● Latest news from world leading manufacturers of modern heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, plumbing and sanitary engineering;

● Innovative methods and technologies for manufacturing companies;

● Advanced methods of planning, calculation and installation of equipment;

● Aspects of industrial and domestic energy saving, alternative (green) energy sources.

Logotype — 2002 г..

Logotype — 2010 г.

The target audience of the magazine are:

Designers, architects, installers, plumbers,

Managers of construction organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of sanitary, heating and HVAC equipment,

Leaders and officials of relevant government agencies and bodies in CIS countries.

Our principle of distribution — by precisely aiming and reaching the target audience of the HVAC market.