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The new training center of Vaillant

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12:3510 January 2013

Vaillant company opened a new training center in Yekaterinburg. Its partners - installers and service staff company is looking to pass a training program in the "Academy Vaillant».

Vocational training program Vaillant well known Russian partners. It is recognized as one of the most successful and effective in the industry. Training is conducted by engineers - teachers of the Department of Education Vaillant. This - with extensive practical experience in this field, and extensive knowledge of the theory and application of technology.

"The purpose of our continuing study program - to improve the quality of design, installation, and maintenance of heating equipment." - Says Eugene Sotnichenko, Head of Training "Vaylant Group Rus."

The learning process is organized in its own specialized classrooms equipped with the existing equipment, and allows the implementation of production skills and high level of technical culture (some would say - aesthetics) specialists in installation and maintenance.

All participants at the "Academy Vaillant» issued tutorials that department teaching translation into Russian, adapted and published in Russia in limited quantities.

The training centers are modeled "model", the most popular individual heating circuits. But also provides details on more complex projects. New training center in the Urals has existing equipment brands Vaillant and Protherm. The company has invested in the project over 1 million.

The training center in the "Academy Vaillant» - the second in Russia. The first is already in St. Petersburg. In 2013 plans to open three more centers - in Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Saratov. Department of Teaching "Vaylant Group Rus" has already begun collecting applications from interested persons and the formation of study groups.

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