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Wall hung gas boilers Fourtech

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10 November 2011
The delivery of a new gas boiler family Baxi Fourtech to Russia started this October.

Fourtech is the new Baxi boiler distinguished by ultra compact dimensions (730x400x299), easy installation and easiness of use. Fourtech is available in a wide range of models fanned flue or open flue, combi or heating only with an output up to 24 kW.
Fourtech is provided with a wide, back lighted LCD display and seven regulation/programming buttons which allow an easy interacting with the boiler. The dedicated button to enter info MODE grants an easy control of the main parameters. Settings of the boiler, such as:
• gas conversion (Nat. gas/LPG)
• regulation of the heating temperature range ( 30-85 or 30-45 °C)
• stand- by time
• activation of the solar function
can be set directly from the control panel with no need to access the electronics (PCB). In case of connection with an indirect cylinder its temperature can be adjusted directly on the boiler’s control panel. Even the diagnostic is easy and sophisticated: registration and display of the latest anomaly is allowed.

Technical features:
• Digital control panel with wide LCD display
• New compact hydraulic group with 3 way electric valve provided with metal bar for a safe installation
• 3 stars Energy efficiency: the maximum achievable for fanned flue models
• Connection to Baxi integrated solar systems option
• Compact dimensions: 730x400x299
• Full anti-frost device
• 3 way electric valve on the CH return circuit to protect the boiler from temperature shocks and heat peaks
• Extractable filter on the CH return circuit to protect the primary exchanger from impurities
• Connection to an indirect cylinder option (heating only models). The cylinder temperature can be regulated directly on the boiler’s control panel
• Sanitary flowmeter with turbine for a perfect modulation of the output according to the DHW demand
• Electronic ignition and flame sensing device
• IPX5D: the maximum archievable grade of protection against water
• Easy maintenance: frontal access to all components

Price in Russia
FOURTECH 24 F - 868 Euro
FOURTECH 24 - 808 Euro
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