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26 July 2012

Volgograd branch of the "Baltic Gas Company" continues its active participation in one of the largest and most ambitious projects in the construction of housing in the Volgograd region. This is the "Spring valley", the project of the federal level.

The idea of ​​this residential development in the Soviet region of Volgograd appeared in 2007. The project was decided to be split into two parts: Spring Valley 1 and Spring Valley 2. The total area of ​​both projects more than 140 hectares. Developed project involves the creation of a new urban district with a population of about 20,000 people. Part of the neighborhood housing will be built for the retired militaries. The development concept is interesting. In addition to the construction of housing it will include the social, communal and commercial infrastructure. There will be a school, kindergarten, shopping center and a fitness center.
Such large-scale buildings has not being implemented for more than 20 years. It is very pleasant that our concern does not stay apart in this socio-important project for the city of Volgograd. Boilers Neva Lux, gas stoves manufactured at the "Gazmash" factory,  Vektor Lux radiators and related materials are supplied for this construction project with the active participation of the branch employees.
Today the Group "Baltic Gas Company" is a strategic partner in the supply of gas and heating equipment for the construction project "Spring Valley".

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