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Viessmann enters into business with Hexis AG

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16 November 2012


By acquiring a holding in Hexis, Viessmann has successfully found a partner which is regarded as being one of Europe's leading specialists in micro CHP (combined heat and power) high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) systems. The complexity of the SOFC and the associated system are relatively low and therefore have the potential to achieve a high level of electrical efficiency with low long term manufacturing costs. Viessmann now wants to join forces with Hexis to make this system market ready for applications in existing buildings.
Hexis has already tested and optimised more than 100 of its micro CHP units developed in recent years to supply domestic heat and power in field trials, primarily as part of the so-called Callus program.
Just a few days ago, Viessmann announced its cooperation with Panasonic in the field of PEM fuel cells. The specific characteristics of this type of fuel cell make it the ideal choice for single-family homes with low heating demands.
With both technologies – the Panasonic's low-temperature PEM fuel cell and the high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell manufactured by Hexis – and its own experience in fuel cell development, Viessmann is in an excellent position within the stationary heat and power supply sector, which is expected to be the source of powerful impetus for the heating market in the future.
The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family business maintains a staff of approximately 9,600 employees and generates 1.86 billion euros in annual Group sales. Viessmann is an internationally oriented organisation, with 24 production companies in 11 countries, sales companies and agencies in 74 countries and 120 sales offices all over the world. Foreign sales account for 55% of sales overall. Regardless of application – single or two-family homes, apartment blocks, commercial buildings and industrial premises or local heating networks – Viessmann offers the ideal system solution with heat sources for all types of fuel and output ratings between 1.5 and 116,000 kW.
HEXIS, with its headquarters in Switzerland, is one of the world's leading companies in the field of high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for stationary applications with less than 10 kW power output. The company's 30-member strong team develops and manufactures fuel cell heating systems for single-family homes and small apartment blocks. Hexis was founded by Sulzer AG in Winterthur in 1997. Since 2006 Tthe company has been wholly owned by the SKKG Cultural and Historical Foundation based in Winterthur since 2006.
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