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24 October 2012

Airwell launches its company’s first inverter packaged air to water unit (PAC) dedicated to residential heating. Designed as a plug-and-play system, it provides fully variable capacity and high efficiency according to the ecodesign for energy using products directive and the EU ecolabel. The new range will be available from november 2010.

The heat pump market has been steadily growing over the past years. The EU directive on the promotion of renewable energy sources (RES) takes into account this success and recognizes for the first time in its final text, adopted end of December 2008, air, water and ground source heat pumps as renewable energy technologies.

Whilst in the past, heat pumps were mainly installed in new buildings, the renovation market has recently started to take off. Aero thermal heat pumps are the technology of choice for this application as generally, they can be easily integrated into existing buildings.

Compliant with oncoming EU legislation such as the ecodesign of energy using products directive (2005/32/EC), the AQUAHEAT ADVANCE MONOBLOC INVERTER range will provide highly efficient operation. Equipped as a standard with a 3 and 5 litre expansion tank, it will be available in two versions: for new installations including an electrical heater mounted inside the unit and to complete existing installations.Options include a water buffer tank, double zone control, domestic hot water production, a wireless room remote control and a remote electrical water heater.

Installers benefit from the simplicity of the new Airwell AQUAHEAT ADVANCE range which comes as a true plug-and-play system. It is easy to install and to maintain, the boiler can be replaced without important modifications of the existing installation. Users will appreciate the user-friendly room thermostat with a visual display of the operation parameters and complete control of a number of functions such as setting the temperature, programming it on a weekly or daily basis and during periods of absence.

The Airwell AQUAHEAT ADVANCE range is designed and produced at the Airwell production site in French Normandy. A hydrophilic treatment of the smooth fin exchangers protecting the units from corrosion throughout their lifetime combined with a galvanized metal casing coated with an epoxy anti-corrosion treatment makes the range extremely resistant and reliable, no matter how extreme the conditions of use.

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