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Gree air conditioning systems in the Kvant factory

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22 October 2012

The company Techholod has mounted the Gree air conditioning systems in the Kvant factory in Zelenograd. The total capacity is 130 kW.

Gree GMV Multi-spilt Air Conditioner, including GMV-R Digital Transfiguration Multi-split Air Conditioner and GMV-J Intelligent Multi-split Air Conditioner, is suitable for modern house space, commercial place and office in different size and different purpose. The Multi-split Air Conditioner combines the advantages of central air conditioners’ comfort and top grade as well as the convenience and agility of split air conditioner. The indoor units could be assembling flexibly, and the unit adopted intelligent cooling quantity distribution system and temperature control system with strong self-inspect function and long-distance communication circuit, makes the installation, inspection, repair and maintenance more convenience.
1.High-guarantee system.
2.Adopted full set of quality cooling fittings, every components matches well.
3.GMV System Units can maintain steady running in the test for long time running.
4.Advanced microcomputer control system, with powerful malfunction self-diagnostic function.
5.Well performance of heat preserving material.
6.Multi grade energy adjustment, which adjusts energy according to the actual load, saves energy effectively, lower the cost for usage.
7.Ultra Intelligent Control.
8.GMV System, by continuous adjustment to electric expand valves in every indoor unit, maintain the fluctuate of set indoor temperature within ±0.5℃.
9.GMV system adopts advanced high sensitivity of temperature pressure net control system combines intelligentized temperature control system.
10.Powerful cooling/heating function, powerful once direct transmit of energy of refrigerant system and intelligent temperature control.
11.Intelligent net cooling quantity distributing system.
12.Accurate Inverter Control of Inverter Multi-split Series.
13.Adjust compressor frequency within 20Hz and 120Hz automatically, control running capacity accurately.
14. Suppleness startup and high frequency running of the inverter compressor can reach the set temperature rapidly, and adjust rotate speed of compressor according to the change of environment sensitively when reaching the set temperature to lower energy cost.
15.Adopting microcomputer controller, GMV Inverter System uses the FUZZY control arithmetic that is accurate and quick.
16.Advanced capacity adjustable technique of compressor of Digital Multi-split series
17.GMV system capacity adjusting adopts new type digital scroll compressor technique, realize capacity stepless adjusting in the range of 10%-100% by changing unload/load rate of compressor.
18.PWM Digital capacity adjusting solenoid valve, controls the separation and reunion of compressor orbit scroll pan and fixed scroll pan, realizes the unload/ load.
19.GMV system could maintain higher EER in part load running.
20.Under the circumstance of 10% load, GMV system still could maintain steady running in long time.
21.The load rate of outdoor unit is controlled automatically by the amount and capacities of the running air conditioners.
22.Invert capacity compressor with better solenoid compatibility without solenoid disturbance.
23.High efficient space utilize and installation
24.GMV is once direct transmit of energy of refrigerant system, which transmits cooling quantity directly by refrigerant pipe. Compared to traditional twice refrigerant system, GMV doesn’t need huge cumbersome matching system and complex pipeline design, makes installation and maintenance more convenience.
25.GMV system needs no special machine room, which saves more space for other purpose to extend users’ benefit in maximize.
26.Simple piping and wiring system with light indoor and outdoor unit, requires few install personnel to install easily in very short time to save install cost.
27.The lightweight type outdoor unit is so light that it could be moved by the lift in building. The small shake when running makes outdoor unit could be inst If you want learn more

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