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ELEKTROTEST modernization program

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03 August 2012

In July 2012 the company "ELEKTROTEST Engineering" launched an ongoing program of the ventilation automatic control systems modernization. The unique offer was the preferential replacement of the obsolete equipment with the new-to-date equipment which corresponded to the modern technical and aesthetic standards. This step was a logical continuation of the company's philosophy. Business was to be environmentally friendly, innovative and customer-oriented. The main purpose of "ELEKTROTEST Engineering" was to simplify the process of modernization and to make it profitable for a client.
Similar actions imply that the customer must personally come to the exchange centre, where the equipment is evaluated and then taken for recycling. It takes time and effort. To participate in the ELECTROTEST modernization program it is enough to send a photo of the automatic control system cabinet and to apply for its replacement. The cabinet is shipped free of charge directly from the customer's facility, and all necessary documents for the retirement of the equipment are provided. The client who has recycled his cabinet receives an additional 10% discount for automatic modular ventilation ELECTROTEST in addition to the standard discounts for construction, installation and sales organizations. The offer is valid for three months from the date of disposal.
The program for the modernization works on the principle "the brains for the brains": if there were several controllers in one cabinet the discount would be given after the utilisation for the same number of modules ELECTROTEST MASTERBOX or controllers  ELECTROTEST OPTIMUS.
Thus, the client decides several problems:
• how to eliminate obsolete equipment;
• how to conduct legal disposal in a short time with minimal cost;
• where to buy the latest automation at an affordable price.
At the present moment the modernization program is open to the companies located in Moscow and Moscow region.

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