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Updated General indoor and outdoor units

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24 July 2012

Since July 2012 Fujitsu General Ltd., a well known Japanese manufacturer of HVAC equipment, begins to supply to Russia a new series of three-phase inverter outdoor units AOHG-LATT, which can be used in paired combinations or in combinations 1:2 and 1:3 with the cassette, channel and wall-ceiling indoor units.
Outdoor units are represented by three models with cooling capacity from 10 to 14 kW. All models have a full DC-inverter control (compressor and fan motor), high efficiency and the highest energy efficiency class "A".

Outdoor units are combined with a new generation of indoor units, using an improved protocol.
Indoor cassette units used in combinations of split systems: AUHG36LRLA, AUHG45LRLA and AUHG54LRLA.
Indoor channel units used in combinations of split systems: ARHG36LMLA, ARHG45LMLA (middle pressure), ARHG45LHTA and ARHG54LHTA (high pressure).
Ceiling type indoor units used in combinations of split systems: ABHG36LRTA, ABHG45LRTA and ABHG54LRTA.

It is worth to note that the length of the track in such combinations can reach 75 m and height difference 30 m. These outdoor units do not require additional coolant with the pipe length up to 30 m.

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