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New McQuay rooftop

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08 October 2012

McQuay’s new range of M5RT-FE rooftop packaged units has been developed specifically to suit commercial applications and are designed to be easy to install, requiring only ducting (and associated fittings), power/ control wiring and drain piping. Along with the light grey colour, the flat top and compact design gives an aesthetic and neat appearance when installed in line of sight. The unit cabinet is made of powder coated sheet metal especially suitable for outdoor use. All parts of the structure are fastened with corrosion resistant screws and bolts.

The base beams are fixed and provide a rigid foundation for the entire unit. The beam has the forklift slots and rigging holes for better handling purpose. It is also designed to allow mounting on a roof curb, the dimension of the roof curb should be followed strictly in accordance with the installation manual.

Since all the units utilize a belt/ pulley driven supply air fan, the units are able to meet a wide range of supply air volumes and external static pressures. Furthermore, the supply air fan motors, pulleys and belts (field supplied) can be easily changed on site to meet exact air flow and ESP requirement if required.

Unit can be easily converted from horizontal to vertical (downward) supply and return air duct configuration by relocating the panels and supply air fan mounting. Units are equipped with high efficiency and reliable scroll compressors. Each compressor is mounted on rubber vibration isolators in order to reduce the noise level and vibration transmissions. The sheet metal condensate drain pan is powder coated to resist corrosion. A 2 inches rail is provided as standard in instances where a field supplied filter casement need to be installed.

The M5RT-FE series is designed in line with market requirement for better energy saving. Compressor used in M5RT-FE series are hermetically sealed scroll type. All the compressors are provided with an internal overload protection. Condenser and evaporator coils are manufactured from seamless inner grooved copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminium fins to ensure optimum heat transfer. All coils are tested against by Nitrogen holding at 609psig and highly precise Helium leak test at 235psig. All standard coils are up to 3 rows / 14-16 FPI, 3/8” (9.52mm) O.D. tubes. Hydrophilic Gold Fin coating (NA549) is offered as standard, which has longer life span under corrosive environment. Hydrophilic Gold Fin coating (NA549) is offered as standard, which has longer life span under corrosive environment.

Fans are of propeller type, direct driven by weatherproof electrical induction motors. Condenser fan motor has class F insulation and splash-proof enclosure, IP44. Blower is DWDI centrifugal, forward curved type. It is mechanically and dynamically balanced and being mounted on a rigid shaft in a self aligned bearing block. The motor is fitted with an adjustable variable pitch pulley (VPP) drive as standard. It has class B insulation and dripping water proof, IP22.

Each refrigerant circuit shall have independent electronic expansion devices, HP/LP switch and refrigerant line service pressure ports as standard factory installed. Electronic Expansion Valve is being used to ensure accurate control of refrigerant flow.

The unit casing used in M5RT-FE series is made of zinc coated galvanized steel sheets. It is further coated with an electrostatic powder coat and then oven-baked for a tough and lasting weather resistant finish. Zinc plated screws are used throughout to further reduce possibility of unit rusting. All possible areas of condensation to happen are insulated by PE, Polyethelene. Panel insulation is 10mm thickness while drain pan insulation is 5mm thickness.

Units shall be completely factory supplied with an integrated controlled Module, with built in resident control algorithms to make decide heating, cooling, or ventilating operations in response to electronic signals from indoor & outdoor temperature sensors. Rooftop Panel comprises all starting, operating and safety controls setting. It is connected to the IC module PCB and supplied as standard. Standard wire length is 15 meter and it can be extended up to 100 meter.

The economizer kit allows outside air to be mixed with return air for ‘free’ cooling if the outdoor air temperature is suitable. Economizer cooling can be used alone or in conjunction with mechanical cooling. Beside that, the economizer kit can be used as well to provide ventilation air thus can improve indoor air quality. Please refer to the economizer kit features for more details.

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