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Gree Air Conditioners Won China Patent Gold Medal

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29 November 2012


GREE’S U-shaped structure on the side of its indoor air conditioner unit won the China Patent Gold Medal, making Gree the only air conditioner manufacturer to receive this award at the 14th session of the competition held last week.
Furthermore, the Gree DIY sleep-curve bedroom air conditioner has won the China Patent Excellence Award. Gree has been the only winner of this award in the industry for three successive years.
The streamlined air conditioner, which has reduced thickness by 6-8cm to 15.3cm, is to completely change the rigid image of conventional air conditioners.
The new-generation Gree U-shaped series air conditioner due on the market has fulfilled heating at 30 degrees Celsius and cooling at 54 degrees Celsius with minimum power of 15 watts.
The China Patent Award is the highest kudo in the IPR field bestowed by the Chinese government and jointly undertaken by the State Intellectual Property Office and World Intellectual Property Organization. It includes the China Patent Gold Medal, China Patent Excellence Award, Design Gold Medal and Design Excellence Award.
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