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Bimetallic sectional radiators Sira Group

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09 October 2012

Alterplast presented the new bimetallic radiators Sira Group. The hight of the new radiators is 350 and 500 mm.

Bimetallic radiators ATIS could be installed in the water heating

Bimetallic sectional radiators ATIS can be used in water heating systems in residential, office and public buildings and low-rise houses. The main advantage of the ATIS models is that they are ideally suited to domestic heating systems. Radiators ATIS, which have excellent durability, high reliability and maximum adaptation to Russian conditions which are characterized with disruptions in the gas and water supply. All radiators were reliably tested at the Russian Institute of Plumbers and received the necessary certificates and documents of their quality and the ability to work even in the most difficult conditions.

The most important indicator of the reliability of these radiators is a high burst pressure (100 bar), which ensures stable operation for 15 years.


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