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Exhaust unit G2H

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15 October 2012

Aereco G2H inaugurates the first exhaust unit accurately optimised for natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation, for the new built as in refurbishment. By proposing both automatic control of the airflow according to the needs and boost airflows (manual or automatic), G2H exhaust unit advantageously combines energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The exhaust unit offers a very large air section to ensure the airflow even at a very low pressure, from 2 Pa. Its implementation is particularly easy, since it fits directly on collective or individual air ducts designed for natural ventilation or hybrid ventilation.

    Fully automatic operation: exhausted airflow according to various parameters such as humidity or presence
    Pull cord, switch and remote control versions for operating the boost airflow
    Indoor air quality and energy savings thanks to the automatic control of airflows
    Very low pressure solution optimised for natural ventilation or hybrid ventilation, in the new built or in refurbishment
    Fits directly on all types of air ducts (collective «shunts» or individual, concrete or metal)
    Completely silent operation


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