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Aerostar RV with a Radical impeller

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09 August 2012

Aerostar Company introduced a new upgraded line of fans RV which are designed for round ducts. At the heart of the fans is the new impeller manufactured by the German company Ebm-Papst Radical which allows to reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

Like the HyBlades the fan blades of the RadiCal centrifugal fans are designed with a dimensionally stable, hybrid construction. Their aerodynamically optimised shape reduces noise by 50%. The motors of these fans have been miniaturised, making them much more compact than their predecessors. With these current dimensions, an easy mechanical replacement of existing AC solutions is possible any time and without a hitch.

The design of the motor heat management system is also optimised. The stator is complete encapsulated in a high-performance plastic. Air inlets in the rotor guarantee perfected heat dissipation for the motor, which in turn increases efficiency considerably. The high level of IP protection allows these fans to be implemented in critical applications.

In terms of efficiency, the RadiCal centrifugal fans already surpass the new ErP Directives for electrically powered fans. With these, up to 50% less energy consumption can be achieved in comparison to AC solutions, with the noise behaviour decreased by one-half.

The good dampening behaviour of the plastic also helps to reduce noise emissions. Even without special varnish, the impellers are highly corrosion-resistant, for example if exposed to salt water or salty air. Direct solar radiation has no damaging effects on the UV-resistant material.

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