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Aermec Repuro heat recovery units

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22 October 2012

In October 2012 the company  Aermec Repuro announced the development of original line of effective air handling units with heat recovery function.

REPURO is an innovative system for recovering heat in counter-fl ow, which ensures the correct exchange of air in closed environments. Thanks to the adoption of high effi ciency heat exchangers up to 90%, REPURO allows the introduction of fresh air at a temperature close to that of the room concerned, reducing energy costs that you would incur if having to assure air exchange in the traditional way or by mechanical ventilation alone.
• Available in 5 sizes
• 2 versions:
- standard, self-protected against frost formation at temperature > -10°C
- R, with pre-heating electric heater for continuous operation in cold climates <-10°C
• Vertical installation
• High efficiency also up to 90% (UNI EN 308)
• Free-cooling during spring and autumn thanks to automatic by-pass function
• By-pass no frost (Repuro 450-550-650)
• Flow rate regulation 0-100% of nominal air flow rate
• Centrifugal fans, directly coupled to "Brushless" EC electric motors with high efficiency variable speed (ERP2015)
• Microprocessor electronic card interfaceable with the VMF system
• Monitoring of the units with wired control panel (supplied as standard).
Innovative design, extremely slim and inexpensive, allows control of functions via a capacitive touch keypad with LCD display. The panel cable is 6 metres long. It also allows the activation of the the electrical heating element in R versions PANTONE COOL GRAY 1C light grey colour front.
• Heat recovery unit with hexagonal shape to increase the exchange surface
• Heat recovery unit can be easily removed on the front for cleaning or replacement
• Self-supporting galvanized steel metal panels with internal insulation
• Easy to install with standard wall mounting plate or anti-vibration mounts (AVM accessory)
• Simple to confi gure
• Adaptability to the existing system
• Compact size
• Quiet operation
• Standard fi lter on outlet G4
• Standard fi lter on inlet G2
• The filters can be removed for cleaning or replacement
• The installation requires the condensate discharge system
• AVM : Anti-vibration mounts
• FF7 : Air filters for fresh air with F7 efficiency
• KSAE : External air sensor
• PLS : Plenum with acoustic cladding equipped with multi-flange to ensure a uniform distribution in all treated areas.
The plenum is configured with:
- Electric heater
- Germicidal UV Lamp
- Hot water coil.
• VCF41 : The kit contains a motorised 3-way valve with insulating shell, plus coupling and pipes in insulated copper. For PLS accessory with hot water coil. Power supply 230V~50Hz.
• VMF-E5B : white recessed panel, with backlit graphic LCD and capacitive keyboard allows the centralised command/control of a complete hydronic system consisting of:
- Recovery units: up to 3 per programmable recovery units based on the timing and/or by measuring the air quality obtained with the VMF-VOC accessory;
- Fan coils: up to 64 fan coil zones comprising 1 master + maximum 5 slaves;
- Chiller/heat pump equipped with controls Modu_Control, GR3 and pCO2 / PCO? (required accessory RS 485 interface respectively MODU-485A, AER485, AER485P2 / AER485P1),
- Circulators: maximum of 12 configurable zone circulators;
- Boiler: boiler consensus management for hot water production;
- Domestic hot water module: complete management of the production of domestic hot water through the control of diverting valve / circulator, supplementary heater, accumulation temperature sensor, anti-legionella circuit
• VMF-E5N : this is the variant of the previous code, but with black plastic
• VMF-VOC : accessories for measuring air quality

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