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Company Sentinel introduced Eliminator® filter

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14:3012 December 2012

Many untreated or improperly treated central heating systems suffer from an accumulation of debris, collectively referred to as sludge deposits. Made up of corrosion products, water hardness flakes and installation or maintenance debris, this sludge can cause premature equipment failure or block/restrict system flow – directly reducing system life, efficiency and effectiveness.

Sentinel Eliminator® is the first filter to use Quadra-Cyclone® Technology to eliminate magnetic and non-magnetic debris. Unlike other system filters that rely on magnets alone to remove only magnetic debris, Eliminator removes all types of sludge using four true cyclones to separate the debris particles from the system flow. Additionally, four magnets strategically positioned in the collection chamber aid the capture and retention of the separated particles.

Guaranteed long-lasting continuous performance for total system protection that you can rely on, Eliminator is quick and easy to install and is able to be fitted to any orientation of pipework. Dual seals are employed to eliminate the risk of leaks and the design guarantees a continual flow, even when the chamber is full.

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