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LG Electronics Air Conditioning Academy

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27 July 2012

Academy of air-conditioning and energy saving technology LG Electronics, opened in Moscow in 2005, conducts regularly training sessions that focus on staff development of the companies working in the field of management, design, installation and maintenance of climate control systems, manufactured by LG Electronics, and is the basis for further strengthening and development of an active business relations with partners of the Company. Training Academy can be attended remotely by registering for the webinars. At webinars the installation, diagnostics, design and operation, service operations, fundamentals of air conditioning and refrigeration circuit operation systems are being discussed. In addition, the range of different categories of equipment are reviewed. No additional software is required to participate in the webinar of the Air Conditioning Academy. The webinar is broadcasted in the browser window of the student and there is the trainer feedback opportunity. Once students have passed the webinar, they receive a certificate of participation in this event per email.
To view the current schedule of webinars Academy of air-conditioning and energy saving technologies and to participate in training you are interested, please visit LG Air Conditioning & Energy Solution website.

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