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Toshiba Air Conditioning Offers Seven Years Warranty

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12:0607 February 2013

UK: Toshiba Air Conditioning is offering a seven-year warranty on its air conditioning products to all accredited installers in the UK. 

Claiming to be the first with a five year warranty a few years ago, Toshiba claims the new seven-year warranty sets a new industry benchmark, offering unrivalled protection and reassurance for both installers and end users. 

"The new warranty gives people total peace of mind, and is based on the proven reliability of our products and their ability to maintain performance over many years of operational life," says Toshiba commercial director David Dunn. 

There are extra benefits for the installer: under the previous warranty scheme, in the unlikely event of a component such as a PCB failing, the installer would receive a new PCB plus £28 towards labour costs which, while not covering the full labour cost of replacing the part, was in line with industry practice. 

Under the new scheme, Toshiba says it will supply a new PCB and £175, which it feels is a realistic cost for the engineer to carry out the works. 

The warranty is available to all of Toshiba's UK accredited installers completing the required training modules, subject to the equipment being installed and commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Installers complete a commissioning sheet for each project, which is then checked by the Toshiba's technical team and, subject to standards being met, a warranty certificate issued. 

In the event of a warranty claim, the installer can either claim the replacement component and labour allowance (which fully covers the replacement work), or instruct Toshiba to replace the component on their behalf. 

David Dunn says: "The scheme sets a new standard in our industry and gives the installer complete peace of mind, since whichever option is chosen in the event of a claim, a full remedy and recompense is provided. Under the new scheme, no one is left out of pocket - a frequent criticism of some company schemes."

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