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Fresh water stations TacoTherm Fresh 40

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23 November 2012


Ready-to-connect fresh water stations TacoTherm Fresh 40 do not store hot drinking water. This enables them to avoid the hygiene problems and loss of energy caused though storage and standby losses. The water is only heated up as required directly by means of plate heat exchangers. The fresh water stations can be optimally combined with the TacoSol Load solar heating stations.
Connection-ready thermally insulated, sound-proofed transfer station for heating drinking water
Integrated electronic regulation with a dispensing capacity of up to 40 l/min
Little installation effort required as the station is completely preassembled and comes fully wired and connection-ready
Certainty in planning thanks to DVGW, SVGW or KTW approvals for components that come in contact with drinking water
VDE-approved controller
Compact and hygienic because a drinking water storage tank is not required and water is not allowed to stagnate
Convenient and safe thanks to optimum control and limiting of the hot water temperature
Energy-efficient thanks to needs-based timing, modulation and deactivation of the integrated pumps
Drinking water is heated to the required dispensing temperature in the TacoTherm Fresh 40 in accordance with the cyclical principle. The integrated heat exchanger is supplied with as little water from the storage tank as is required to maintain a constant dispensing temperature
The special pipe arrangement on the heat exchanger ensures that the heating water is at a low return temperature when it is returned to the storage tank
In recording the temperature difference and flow rate data, the electronic regulation at the same time records and stores the quantity of water consumed
As an option, the TacoTherm Fresh 40 is also available with a circulation connector and pump. This pump is controlled by the integrated regulation system by means of a separate program
Volume flow sensor
Primary pump
Optional circulation line and secondary pump
Plate heat exchanger
Pipes and shutoff valves
Safety valve
Sound-proofing and thermal insulation
Mounting material
Technical Data
Technical data: see specification sheet
Operating temperature: TO max: 95 °C
Operating pressure:
Primary circuit: PO max: 3 bar
Secondary circuit: PO max: 10 bar
kVS value, primary: 2,2
kVS value, secondary: 2,3
Weight: 14 kg
Electric connection data
Mains voltage: 230 VAC ± 10 %
Network frequency: 50...60 Hz
Power consumption: 2 VA
Pipes: 1.4404
Heat exchanger: 1.4401 SVGW
Heat exchanger solder: copper 99.9 %
Carrier/hood: EPP
Valves: brass or plastic, approved for drinking water
Flow Media
Heating water (VDI 2035; SIA Directive 384/1; ÖNORM H 5195–1)
Cold water according to DIN 1988-7
Building categories
Apartment blocks
Housing estates
Multiple dwelling units
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