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Polar Bear ball regulating valves

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09 August 2012

The company "Arctica" announced the expansion of the range of valves manufactured by Polar Bear. The company presented ball regulating valves 2BS and 3BS and electric drives for them VDT / VDM with two and three position or proportional control. Two-way (2BS), and three-way (3BS) valves are designed to regulate the flow of hot and cold water and steam in heat exchangers, ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Valves 2BS/3BS are manufactured in the range from KVS = 1 with connection 1/2" to the KVS = 16 with connection 1".

The drives with two and three position (VDT04, VDT-R03.F) or proportional (VDM04, VDM-R03.F) control are designed to control the operation of valves 2BS and 3BS. The drives could be quickly installed on the valve with a simple mounting adapter. The design of the electric drives allows manual control of valves, and also provides a visual indication of valve rod.

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