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New plates NH series

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30 July 2012

The company "GEA Mashimpeks" brings to the Russian market a new product - plate heat exchangers with the plates NH series of high pressures.

In 2011 the company introduced a new design for ventilation and air conditioning - the plate NX series which are capable for operating at pressures up to 25 bar. The research center experts understood the importance of high values ​​of the operating parameters of plate heat exchangers for special processes and continued to work on improving the gasketed plate heat exchangers and the result achieved success!

Maximum operating pressure for the new NH plates series is  27.5 bar!

Technical characteristics of plate heat exchangers series NH
- Working pressure up to 27.5 bar
- Operating temperature from -35°C to +200°C;
- Maximum flow rate - 1900 m3/h
- Operating environment: liquid, vapor
- High performance options - more opportunities to improve the processes

New together with the already known advantages of the gasketed heat exchangers, such as compactness, efficiency and ease of cleaning greatly expand the range of applications of the plate heat exchangers in various industries, for example heating, energy, manufacturing processes in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry, etc.

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