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Symaro flow sensors and flow switches

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05 October 2012

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has added new flow sensors and flow switches ensuring highest measuring quality in liquid flow applications, complementing Symaro line of sensors. The line also includes new output variants of the QVM62.1 air velocity sensor. Siemens currently provides wide range of sensors for all standard HVAC measuring ranges.

The new flow sensors of Symaro portfolio are ideal for adoption with liquids and air that forms a basis of high efficiency and economic control of entire HVAC installations.

The new vortex flow sensors for liquid media are now being offered in versions created from fiberglass-reinforced plastic and red brass providing increased precision. These sensors are void of moving parts and safe from media and contamination, providing durable results with optimum stability.

Created from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the new flow switches equip brass pipe section and include a reed contact that wirelessly responds through a magnetic field having no return spring, promoting stability to the switching point. The switches create no noise and work within pressure range of up to 10 bar. The switching point is free-of pressure and based on the volumetric flow. The flow switches are ideal for tracking the flow of liquid media in hydraulic systems like heat pumps, chillers, or heating systems.

The flow sensors and flow switches are being offered in four nominal sizes of DN 10, DN 15, DN 20 and DN 25. The sensors span flow rate ranges from 1.8 to 150 l/min. The sensors are compatible for use in any temperature and can be fitted within heating water, drinking water, and common water/glycol mixtures. The devices come in output variants DC 0 - 10 V or DC 4 - 20 mA or switching contact outputs.

The QVM62.1 air velocity sensor is effective for measuring ranges of 0 - 5, 0 - 10, and 0 - 15 m/s. The built-in thin-film sensing element is insensitive to dirt and independent of the inflow direction. This sensor is offered as output variants DC 0 - 10 V and DC 4 - 20 mA.

The flow sensors of Symaro product line are included within Siemens' Environmental Portfolio.

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