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Maxis storage water heaters

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20 August 2012

Ariston Thermo Group Company announced the release of a new series of high-capacity storage water heaters. The upcoming series of te storage water heaters will be called MAXIS. The series will include five water heaters CDZ, CD1, CD2, CKZ, CK1. They are designed to provide hot water for the large public buildings and industrial facilities.

MAXIS CKZ will be released with the volume from 1,500 to 3,000 liters which became possible in the absence of a heat exchanger coil. MAXIS CK1 will be available with the volume from 400 to 1000 liters. Operating pressure will be 3 bar.

The range of MAXIS CD includes advanced boilers from the previous series. MAXIS CDZ will be avaiable with the volume from 800 to 3000 liters. It is an enameled boiler without a heat exchanger coil. The wide flange diameter of 400 mm provides access for inspection and cleaning, an additional hole in the bottom makes the drain much easier.

The basic enameled water heaters MAXIS CD1 and MAXIS CDZ have a number of similar properties. Both devices possess a working pressure of 7 bar, the maximum heating temperature of 95°C.

The boiler with two coils MAXIS CD2 is also represented in the new product line. Compared with the previous series this type of storage tank is available in more variants: 800 to 2500 liters while the earlier models with two coils were manufactured with the volume no more than 1000 liters.

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