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Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe - ready for ErP

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02 November 2012

The Eco-Design of Energy-related products (ErP) Directive provides consistent EU-wide rules for improving the environmental performance of energy related products (ErP) by requiring integration of eco considerations at the outset of product design – ensuring reduced energy consumption to benefit both businesses and consumers.

These regulations include air conditioning products, which are a key source of energy consumption in buildings, require all manufacturers to calculate energy usage in a more realistic way, moving from nominal to seasonal, creating a more accurate calculation and representation of products in the market.

Hitachi has always engineered the most environmentally-friendly heating and cooling products from its factories, and is proud to announce the launch of a complete range of fully ErP-compliant air conditioning products. Where product ranges and models fall outside the scope of the ErP directive (<12kW), there are a series of enhancements for RAC, Set Free, Utopia and Chiller, in particular IVX Premium and Hi-Efficiency VRF which are market leaders in Japan’s Annual Performance Factor (APF) for seasonal efficiency

IVX and IVX Premium; VRF without the price tag
IVX and IVX Premium offer high seasonal efficiencies, as well as complete flexibility, with all outdoor units from both ranges being fully compatible with the System Free range of indoor units. Hitachi’s IVX technology has all the benefits of VRF, including individual control of each indoor unit with an increased number of twin, triple and quad combinations in addition to delivering excellent part-load efficiency.

With cooling capacities and heating capacities from 2HP to 12HP, a maximum of 8 indoor units are connectable to a single outdoor unit, with individual control and efficiencies achieved as high as A++/A+ (depending on model/combinations

Future-proof installations with high efficiency VRF
In addition to the Set Free FSXN series, which offers two-pipe heat pump and three-pipe heat recovery options from a single unit, Hitachi is launching the new High Efficiency series with greatly improved efficiency levels and increased piping lengths. With capacities from 5HP to 36HP, there’s a model for every building and all are fully compatible with System Free indoor units and controls.

Flexibility built in
The System Free range of indoor units is fully equipped with all the latest technologies such as EC motors and PID expansion valves, as well as compatibility with the complete range of individual, group or BMS-style controls to complement the IVX, IVX Premium and Set Free outdoor units; quite simply, System Free offers the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency and sustainability.

Residential Room Air Conditioning
All Hitachi’s RAC units will offer high seasonal efficiencies, with the Premium range achieving the highest level of energy efficiency in the European market (SEER A++ 8.13/SCOP A++ 4.72). The range, equipped with functions such as human sensor and stainless clean filter, features the latest energy-saving technology utilising Hitachi’s high-efficiency scroll compressor and PAM control. In addition a new remote controller will be available, with eco mode and power consumption display for homeowners to monitor and take control of their energy usage. The Standard range also has energy efficiency levels as high as A+/A+ and a new indoor unit with a stylish design is being introduced to the range.

Samurai Chiller; Powerful, yet quiet in its delivery
Alongside the existing Samurai series, new high efficiency models using R134a refrigerant will be launched in 2013, delivering 30%-50% better SEER than the current model. Key product features are an upgraded multi-functional touch screen control panel, modular design where up to 8 units can be connected (up to 1300kW) and - where space is tight – its unique “T” and “L”-shape configuration will facilitate installation flexibility.

David Oldroyd, Vice President and Managing Director of Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS commented, “Hitachi has always put environmental considerations at the heart of our research and product development, and our latest models achieve the requirements of ErP ahead of the 2013 deadline. This is a very exciting time for Hitachi and we’re delighted to be able to launch our new product line-up at Chillventa 2012.”

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