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Ostberg Energy Efficient Ventilation

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27 November 2012

The company "Arctic" is pleased to announce twelve new models with capacity up to 8000 m3 / h in the line of Ostberg (Sweden) energy efficient ventilation systems Heru ... T and Heru ... S.

The energy recovery unit HERU®T is a model for wall mounting for easy placement in e.g. the utility room. It's designed for applications where there is demand for high efficiency, low energy consumption, quiet operation and high reliability.

The units is insulated and is suitable for use in warm areas. The rotating aluminum heat exchanger recovers up to 86% of the tempered air which is lost with merely exhaust ventilation. They also feature radial fans with forward curved impeller and an external rotor motor. Fans and rotating exchanger are easy to remove and clean.

The energy recovery units HERU®S are designed for a supply- and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery.
HERU®S can be used in detached houses, offices, apartments etc. which have high demands regarding:
- High temperature efficiency
- Low power consumption
- Low sound level
- High reliability


    has a rotating heat exchanger, of non-hygroscopic type and made of aluminium, centrally placed within the unit. The heat exchanger has a temperature efficiency of up to 84%.
    has two radial fans with backward curved impellers and maintenance-free outer rotor motors, which are connected via sockets for easy removal when the impellers are to be clensed.
    has a built-in pulser for regulation of electric heater battery.
    is delivered with F7-filters as standard.
    has a control unit for operation and supervision.
    has a unit casing made of double galvanized steel sheet with 50 mm insulation in between.

HERU®S can be placed in both warm and cold spaces. HERU®S is delivered non-painted as standard.

HERU®S is operated via a remote control- and supervision unit. The range of the remote control is normally 50 meters. At special circumstances (such as thick concrete walls with heavy reinforcements) can the antenna, which is normally placed at the HERU®S, be moved to a place closer to the remote control. The remote control is used to set all parameters for the regulation functions. It does also give information about the current status of the HERU®S.

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