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Seminar on pumping systems energy audit

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01 March 2012

Last week a seminar on pumping systems energy audit for employees of Grundfos regional offices took place.
The pumping systems audit engineer Alexei Ponomarev together with experts from the company "Promenergo" introduced the listeners to a new model of Mobile Measurement Complex (MMC-2.1). The device allows to get the parameters of the pumping system (flow, pressure, electricity consumption) which are analysed in order to develop a technical solution on system optimization taking into account energy consumption and economical efficiency.
"The new MMC is more modern, Alexei Ponomarev said. flowmeter KATflow 200 manufactured in the UK which is a part of the Complex in comparison to the previously used domestic one allows to accelerate the process of obtaining data due to the easy setup and sensor installation. The accuracy of the obtained parameters and the range of the tested pumping equipment has been also increased."
Практические занятия

The classes included a brief theoretical course on the MMC structure and the data analyzing. Most of the rest time was occupied by workshops which were held in demonstration stands of the Grundfos Service department in the Moscow region.
The company Grundfos has certified specialists, techniques and equipment to conduct energy audit of pumping systems. It provides the possibility to analyze the efficiency of pumping systems in enterprises with the distribution of findings and the results to select the new equipment with the best performance for a specific object.

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