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Biomass: Fuel and Energy - 2012

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02 April 2012
April 17-18 the International Congress "Biomass: Fuel and Energy - 2012" will be held. The Congress will be the place for sharing the knowledge and experience of  biofuel industry experts, academics, automotive and oil industry, agriculture and forestry professionals and government representatives.
Congress topics:
- Industry conditions:development of the technology and the market the first and second generation biofuels.
- Biorefinery: Layout, produced ​products, economy, capital investment.
- Grants and other financial opportunities for the development of biofuel technologies.
- Biogas: technology, raw materials and production.
- Conversion of the alcohol plants into the biofuel production.
- Cellulosic Biobutanol: technology and possibility of commercialization.
- Fuel ethanol, butanol and other transport biofuel.
- Pyrolysis and gasification: bio-oil, syngas, and biochar. Standards and biofuel market.
- Biodiesel and biokerosene. Biofuels for aviation, the European tax on CO2 emissions.
- Solid biofuels: pellets and briquettes.
- Other issues of the biofuel industry.
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