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Using the cost-free app MaxMonitoring, you can display the performance data of your SolarMax photovoltaic system at any time from home.


- Data from a total of 15 systems, each with up to 10 inverters, can be displayed
- Direct access to the system data via WiFi router within the domestic network – no detour using the internet
- Available in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish

Clear representation:

- Real-time display with current performance data of up to four different inverters at the same time
- Representation of: input and output voltages, input and output currents, frequency, device temperature, yield, etc.
- Display specifying the status of the inverters
- Data curves for daily, monthly, and annual yield

Thus, you can see at any time how much environmentally friendly solar energy your system is generating and has fed into the public grid.
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