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Wilo assistant – The entire world of pumps
The pump specialist WILO SE has now made the entire world of highly efficient pump technology accessible on the iPhones of specialist technicians for sanitation, heating and air-conditioning and specialist consultants for technical building equipment. The free app provides access to a wealth of information and functions, in pocket-sized format, that were previously only available in written form or on the internet. As an easy-to-use and mobile application, the app offers support in the areas of planning, customer consultation and installation. In addition, the user is presented with a plethora of valid selling points for energy efficient, economical and environmentally friendly pump technology for heating, air-conditioning and secondary hot water circulation.

Specialist technicians for sanitation, heating and air-conditioning are offered support with the pre- and post-planning of service and installation appointments and all work carried out in the customer's boiler room, as well as with the provision of consultation services. The app also provides the user with targeted access to comprehensive product information and know-how relating to pump technology. A majority of the data content and functions are installed directly onto the iPhone and are therefore available to the user even in the absence of a mobile internet connection or WLAN. This way, the user can avoid overloading his/her data volumes and is not limited in anyway by the reception conditions prevalent at the site of use.

● Interactive replacement guide for heating and secondary hot water pumps: simply enter the name of the pump to be replaced and you will be provided with a recommendation of the suitable, high-efficiency Wilo replacement pump. This service can be used in conjunction with thousands of commercially-available, old pumps that were manufactured in 1975 or later.
● Energy savings calculator: calculates the potential savings in terms of energy costs and CO2 emissions by comparing implementation of an energy-saving Wilo high-efficiency pump with that of an uncontrolled heating pump.
● Short catalogue: displays the catalogue description for Wilo glandless pumps.
● Pump dimensioning: according to the specifications of the desired pump duty points (volume flow Q in m³/h and delivery head H in m), the Wilo server adopts the pump dimensioning and recommends the suitable Wilo pump in a matter of seconds.
● Tips & Tricks: recommendations for the optimisation of heating systems and secondary hot water circulation systems
● Planning guides: summary of the basic principles of heating pumps.
● Torch: direct access to the display setting 'Torch'. The iPhone lights up white at the maximum level of brightness.
● Unit converter: conversion of the fundamental physical units
● News: up-to-date information for specialist technicians and specialist consultants for technical building equipment
● Contact: the rapid connection to your contact at Wilo
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