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House gets new features

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11 May 2012
In April 2012 a group of French architects announced the start of the project of building a house designed for freelancers, people who work mainly at home.
The project provides new features for home sitters. In particular, a special installation in the refrigerator will be able to determine which of the products over, handing in the appropriate signals to the delivery service.
This and other options allow the home owner to concentrate on work, not thinking about life.
It is no exaggeration to say that the current real estate market is a real revolution. House takes on a new, totally inherent previous function. For example, at the end of March this year, the U.S., IBM has received a U.S. patent for the creation of a multi-floor surface. If the system detects a tenants lying on the floor, it will measure his pulse and in the case of a potential threat to call an ambulance. In addition, the floor will monitor the whereabouts of small children and make sure that they, for example, did not approach too close to the plate.
Not only are home now can take care of the person, but people always have the opportunity to control their home. In April 2012 the company "VimpelCom" announced the availability of a new product for remote monitoring of premises. The offer is available to subscribers in the pilot project, which is held in the cities of Siberia.
The new product "The House under the supervision" consists of a set of sensors. When any of them the system will send a notification to a mobile phone via SMS-messages, and MMS-message, with a snapshot of customer premises, made at the time of operation of the sensor.
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