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Rols Isomarket uses energy saving technologies

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17 August 2011

Rols Isomarket has a new production in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy (Yaroslavl region) at an area of more than 7000 m2. There insulating materials for engineering services are produced at this plant. The plant is the largest in Europe and has the most modern equipment from KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH (well-known manufacturer of extrusion machinery for plastics).

The main feature of the plant is the widespread introduction of energy saving technologies and environmental safety. Waste productions are fully spent on recycling, and recovery system uses the heat for room heating.

The full design capacity of the Rols Isomarket plant fully allows to meet the needs of the Russian market.

The products are manufactured according to the standard which corresponds to the European EN 14313 – «Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installation – Factory made polyethylene foam (PEF) products – Specification».

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