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11 November 2011
Italian Zucchini cast resin transformers are the high quality solution for many types of applications, designed and manufactured in accordance with national and international standards.

Cast resin transformers are used in a vast range of applications and, with over 50 years history, are a reliable answer for distribution systems, energy co-generation, rectification, traction and other special requirements. The absence of inflammable insulating liquids, the self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions and the low noise levels and low electromagnetic emissions all combine to present a responsible solution to environmental protection and public security.

The cast resin transformers are build with resin and have a power range from 100 to 10.000 kVA in standard execution. In custom projects these limits can easily be exceeded (to 16.000 KVA). All the machines are in conformity with the principal national and international norms.

The resin used for the Medium Voltage winding is epoxidic and characterized by high mechanical and electrical properties in order to resist to different stresses.
The winding in low voltage is made of a alluminium sheet of the same hight of the spool.
All the transformators are protected from possible over temperature risks due to long periods of overload.

More than 10 years Legrand Group keeps competitive prices and a stable product quality on the Russian market. Russian Zucchini representation could lend support to the projects at all stages - design, installation, setting into operation.

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