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New Frico catalog

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16 December 2011
Company Frico issued a new mini-catalog with all variety of products.
This catalog offers the best of all varieties of products made in this area.
When developing new models of equipment the company keeps in focus the combination of high functionality products with minimal power consumption. Thus Frico always remains true to its basic concepts of business ideas - Confidence, Competence, Design.
The new mini-catalog will help professionals to choose equipment that could satisfy any request.

Thiscatalog contains information on several new products:
Universal air curtains Frico PA 3500/4200 with the installation height up to 3,5 / 4,2 meters.
New infrared heater Frico Carboninfra IC lets you to warm the different rooms quickly and comfortably, allowing a variety of installation options.
Air curtain Frico UF600 with the air supply from the bottom for the door 6-8 m high.
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