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Aereco roof exhaust fan VTZ

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09 August 2012

Aereco VTZ fans range proposes four models with capacities going from 500 m3/h up to 2.750 m3/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other buildings. VTZ fans are designed for an outdoor installation, in terrace or on a pitched roof. Many connecting parts are available to adapt to different encountered cases. VTZ fans are characterized by their solidity and by an excellent energy efficiency, thanks to the use of high-performance electronic commutation motors and to an integrated pressure control device.

The electronic commutation motor of the VTZ  roof exhaust fan offers an optimum consumption all the time. Associated to the pressure control device, it automatically adjusts the consumed power to the requested airflow, while maintaining a constant pressure. The motor integrates an electric switch of in case of high temperature and an output which can be use to diagnose a possible default.

A system of pressure control is integrated to the roof exhaust fan, allowing to define easily the pressure at working. Pressure measured by the integrated pressure gauge is displayed on digital screen. It is automatically regulated, optimizing the system working with demand controlled exhaust units.

Aereco offers many adaptation parts made in aluminium or galvanised steel for pitched roofs and for the variable geometries of ducts. Specific parts can also be made custom-built on the basis of plans (contact us).

VTZ range roof exhaust fans are equipped with a device for swinging to easily inspect the ducts, and if necessary to sweep and to clean the propeller. The latch can be padlocked.

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