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Air purifier Daikin MC70L

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27 December 2011
Daichi presents a new Daikin air purifier with Streamer technology. The new product differs from its predecessor by the casing design, reduced weight and lower operation costs.
In addition to the pre-fine filter the air
purifier MC70L includes four additional fine filters with increased lifetime up to 2 years. It allows the device to operate up to 10 years without purchasing a fine filter.
filtration system Daikin MC70L includes pre-filter, electrostatic filter, photocatalytic filter, fine filter and streamer.
MC70L is equipped with sensors which allow to analyze the air quality in two ways: contamination with dust particles and presence of odor.
Air purifier could operate in automatic mode, is able to change automatically the air flow depending on the pollution degree in the served area. As soon as the air will becomes cleaner MC70L starts to operate in a power saving mode.
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