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Gas instantaneous water heaters MARCO POLO

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12 April 2012
Ariston Thermo Group offers new gas instantaneous water heaters Marco Polo on the Russian market. The new product has a modern design and a greater safety operation level.
The gas instantaneous water heater Marco Polo Gi7S is completely safe in using because of a fan and a closed combustion chamber. The water heater efficiency is 11 liter per minute. The device operation is carried out by an informative touch screen.
One more new product is a water heater Marco Polo M2 with an open combustion chamber. It is also equipped with a built-in fan for added security, a digital display, a three-staged burner. The water heater efficiency is 10 liter per minute.
The both products have a power supplied electronic ignition, no-frost system and do not require an expensive traditional chimney. As the manufacturer Marco Polo water heaters are not suitable for the replacement of instantaneous water heaters in an apartment house. The installation of this kind of equipment is possible only after permission of the local gas authority.

Price for MARCO POLO Gi7S (with chimney included) in Russia is 10 865 rubles. Price for MARCO POLO M2 (with chimney included) in Russia is 7950 rubles.
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