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Weltec Biopower Builds 500 kW Plant in France

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17:0824 December 2012

The French project developer Methaneo agreed with Weltec Biopower to build a 500 kW biogas plant in France. The Paris-based company has elaborated its own concept for „cooperative agricultural biogas plants“. The new biogas plant project „Cap‘Ter Methanisation SAS“ strengthens the value chains and material cycle in the vicinity of the plant location. The biogas technology is delivered by the German company Weltec.

Construction work will begin in January 2013, and the plant is to go live and starting feeding electricity into the French grid as early as July 2013. The 4,900 m³ stainless steel fermenter is to be filled with an agricultural substrate mix consisting of cattle manure, sheep manure, chicken manure and grain residue.
For Weltec it is the sixth biogas project in France. According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency for the development of regenerative energies (ADEME) there have been twice as many project enquiries than in the prior year for biogas projects.

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