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Changes in the Town Planning Code

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28 July 2011

On the 22th of July 2011 the changes in the Town Planning Code came into force. Now the concept of ‘major repairs is fixed in the law. By major repairs are meant changes and (or) restoration of building constructions of objects or capital construction elements (except supporting construction), and the repairs of engineering systems.

Also the building permit order is changed. Previously the project documentation for capital repairs had to be prepared, permission for construction and commissioning had to be received. Under the new legislation separate sections of project documentation for capital repairs had to be prepared according to the the instructions of the developer or the customer depending on the content of the work performed. State examination is not conducted for these chapters of project documentation. The permission is not needed now for the major repairs beginning, and the state building inspection is not carried out. Exception make the major repairs of public roads.

Expansion of dangerous production facilities is excluded from the list of activities in the field of industrial security. It is specified that the examination of industrial security is needed for the project documentation for the major repairs of dangerous production facilities.

The Federal Law comes into force on the day of its official publication except clauses with a different period.

  • 02-08-2011


    Спасибо за информацию, очень во-время. Как раз рассматривали вопрос о проведении государственной экспертизы при проведении ремонтных и противоаварийных работ на объектах долгостоя.

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