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Advanced Active Filter AAF 006

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09 August 2012

The company "Danfoss" will replace series LHD 005 and AAF 005 with the next generation of AAF 006 and LHD 006. The previous models will be awailable till the end of August 2012.

The Danfoss VLT Advanced Active Filter AAF 006 is an active shunt filter for harmonics and reactive current mitigation. The filter is designed for installation in various applications to compensate for single or multiple drive assemblies. Through external current transformers, the AAF 006 monitors the current signal and compensates for the unwanted elements of the measured current.

Harmonics Compensation
The VLT Advanced Active Filter AAF 006 is from factory optimized for the most common applications. The unit is self tuning and can not be overloaded. If correctly sized, the filter reduces the current harmonic distortion of a system to less then 5%. Individual application optimizations are possible through two different compensation modes and priority settings.

    Small compact housing
    Easy to use in retrofit applications
    One filter module can be used for several frequency converters
    The smallest filter available today in this power range
    Easy maintenance as all parts are accessible from the front. This means that the filter can be mounted side-by-side, saving even more space
    Easy cable access and bottom entry
    Standards conformant coated PCB’s
    100% factory test
    Auto current sensor adaptation

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