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11 July 2012

The company VENTS presents a new product - a centrifugal fan in a soundproof case VENTS KCK. The fan capacity could reach up to 3500 m3/h. Thermal insulation and sound insulation is made of mineral wool 50 mm thick. It makes the fan noise level very low. The centrifugal fan could be installed near kindergartens, homes and other facilities with an increased requirement for the level of noise. Fan VENTS KCK easily removes the contaminated hot air, which contains harmful impurities from the manufacturing process. The fan KCK is made ​​of high quality galvanized steel. The peculiarity of the fan is the arrangement of the impeller on the inside of the cover flap, and the engine block - on the outer side of it. Thanks to it the fan motor is out of range of the air flow, and this fact increases the service life.

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