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Eleven 3-MW wind turbines for Kalmykia

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22 May 2012
Eleven 3-MW wind turbines are planned to be launched in the Republic of Kalmykia in six months. It was reported in the press service of the Government of the Republic at the meeting on the implementation of the investment project 'Construction of wind power in subsection Sandy Priyutnensky District' which was headed by the first deputy prime minister of Kalmykia, Vyacheslav Ilyumzhinov. The meeting was attended by top management of 'Falcon Capital,' Paata Mamaladze, Joseph Chimbora, Karel Hlavacek and other heads of several ministries and energy companies. As noted at the meeting, after the launch of new wind turbines at the end of the year the total capacity of wind power will be 35.4 MW, with the two wind turbines of 1.2 MW, ready to use. In the next two years, the rate of installation will grow exponentially, and Kalmykia able to dispose of 300-mi 'green' megawatts, which will retain the electricity tariff for consumers at an acceptable level. In the future wind farm project capacity can be doubled.
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