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Old PV modules are to be recycled in Europe

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23 March 2012
PV Cycle is an organization that was founded by the solar industry in 2007 with the aim of creating a comprehensive recycling system for modules and other PV components.

Last year, 900 tons were collected on behalf of PV Cycle by collection services. A further 100 tons found their way to the Europe-wide network of PV Cycle collection points. "2012 has begun exceptionally well and we can already see that module owners in the whole of Europe have begun to make use of our comprehensive collection services", says Virginia Gomez, Technology and Operations Manager at PV Cycle. According to the organization, the aim is to collect at least 85% of all the old modules in Europe. In 2011 around 70 % of the 1400 tons were collected. These modules included not only those that had reached their technical life span of 30 years, but also those that had been damaged during transport or installation, and warranty or guarantee cases.
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