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The window testing chamber

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17 February 2012
In February of 2012 a unique climate chamber is launched at PROPLEX plant, the first Russian developer and largest producer of PVC windows according to the Austrian Technology. It allows to simulate various weather conditions and is used for testing their influence on window systems. This research differs from other analogues that exist in Russia through the function of checking the window for the leaks at low temperatures.
According to the existing GOST requirements the window tightness is determined by the rate 20°C. However, the climate chamber PROPLEX provides a measure of tightness and low temperatures (-25°C). The way of mounting the sample in the installation is unique - the window is uniformly pressed around the perimeter with 12 pneumatic cylinders. It is usually fastened with the mounting foam which makes the replacement of test samples very long.
The camera uses an electronic monitoring system for monitoring of the PVC profile deformation. This indicator is important for the insurance of the window tightness. During the weather simulation special electronic micrometers fix the amount of deformation of the test samples. The information comes from sensors to the central computer which ensures monitoring of all studied parameters.
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