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Uponor помогает Audi

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21 December 2011
“Efficiency: a standard feature” is what the Audi Centre in Berlin can count on. The integrated used car centre has an efficient Uponor industrial radiant heating system plus concrete core activation with Uponor TAB System in two floor slabs for heating and cooling.
The Uponor temperature control system allows for savings of up to 50 % compared to conventional air/air climate control systems. But for the customer, lower operating costs were just one thing to consider — appearance was important as well. Moreover, the construction time was considerably reduced by using air-handling ceilings, manufactured by Elbe Spannbetonwerk, that were pre-fitted at the factory with Uponor modules.
With an extensive glass area, the used car centre covers about 1,600 m² of floor space. The planning specifications called for an economical design with low costs for temperature control. An additional requirement was an eye-pleasing interior. The building’s temperature control system uses energy-efficient sources for heating and cooling.
Studies of the building’s usage carried out by Volkswagen Group Real Estate revealed peaks in energy demand only during a short timeframe and only in certain areas of the building. Under base load conditions, heating is required at temperatures below 15 °C and cooling at temperatures above 26 °C.
The following system temperatures and requirements were calculated from the building’s usage profile for underfloor heating in combination with the two 1,000 m² floor slabs: 40 °C (supply) for heating and 16/20 °C (supply/return) for cooling. This means a capacity of 25-35 W/m² for heating and 25-30 W/m² for cooling. The two systems must also have safety reserves.
Elbe Spannbetonwerk supplied a total of 133 prestressed concrete ceiling elements for two core-activated concrete ceilings, each with an area of 1,000 m². Prefabricated Uponor modules were integrated into the hollow concrete elements, each 35 cm thick, 120 cm wide, and 12 m long. They were attached to a special support mat on the prestressed concrete structure at a height of about 8 cm above the prestressing strands, and embedded in concrete.
The thermally active ceiling on the ground floor of the centre has a heating capacity of approximately 37 W/m² downward and approximately 30 W/m² upward. This is enough to maintain a setpoint temperature of 15 °C. To meet the high demand — especially in the separate offices — additional split air-conditioning units and flat convectors were installed.
The second major component is the Uponor industrial radiant heating system, which covers an area of 1,240 m². In all, 8,270 m of Uponor PE-Xa water pipes measuring 25 mm x 2.3 mm were installed at a spacing distance of 15 cm.
For heating, the system requires a supply and re-turn of 40/35 °C in order to ensure an indoor temperature of 15°C. Additional savings can be achieved by using district heating in Berlin.For cooling in the summer, the system is designed for outdoor temperatures of up to 30 °C, in which case it operates with a supply and return of 16/19 °C.
The heating system is fed via a district heating transfer station in the terminal building. As for cooling, a water chiller on the roof with a rated capacity of 90 kW is used.
Therefore, by combining an industrial radiant heating and cooling system (concrete core activation), energy consumption can be reduced by up to 80 to 90 % when compared to conventional cooling systems.
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