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JAC training centre is going on vacation

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02 May 2012
The JAC group of companies training centre has completed the first series of training seminars on the General equipment. In May the training centre is going on vacation.
Since 2012 specialists of "JAC" GC spent about 40 seminars on the General air-conditioning systems. The curriculum included the arrival of the teachers in regional centers of Russia and workshops based on the training centre in Moscow, where there are all conditions for not only theoretical courses and but also for the practical workshops. The trainings were designed for a variety of listeners: there have been training for sales staff, installers and customer service representative. This year the training  for servicing specialists has been given special attention, there were more than 10 in-depth three-day seminars.
Classes at the training centre will resume in September. Before the end of the year about 30 seminars are planned. Conference schedule for the second half of the year is in its formative stages. If you have a need to acquire new knowledge and skills or advanced training, please contact your manager in the "JAC" GC, submit your application, and then your town will be included in our regional training program. If the applications for your city is not enough we'll invite you to study in Moscow or the nearest regional center which will host the training.
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