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Specialists visited Systemair plant

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14 November 2011

Ventilation specialists visited one of the largest Systemair plants in Sweden.

The trip program included the visit of a Skinnskatteberg plant where the fans, compact fan apparats, air curtains and blower heating fan under the brands Systemair and Frico.

Systemair was founded in 1974 on initiative by Gerald Engström together with two colleagues under the name L.H.G. Kanalfläkt AB. The business was based on a product idea, the circular duct fan, which simplifies the installation of fans in ventilation systems. Production started in small scale in Skinnskatteberg. Right from the start, export sales exceeded 50 percent of total sales, due to successful marketing activities in Norway. The product range was gradually expanded to include rectangular duct fans and export sales to other European markets were initiated.

at the beginning of the excursion the Systemair founder and CEO Gerald Engström carried out a presentation about the history of the company. Then the specialists visited the plant and watched the production process from the metall preparation to the end product packing. The most interesting object was the development and research center with high precision equipment for testing of all necessary Systemair products parameter. 

Для специалистов из стран СНГ была организована корпоративная презентация, где происходило общение с представителями Systemair и Frico в неформальной обстановке.
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