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Pro Aqua pipe are now more reliable

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20 January 2012

Pro Aqua pipe are now manufactured from PPR100, and not from PPR80 as previously. It has a positive impact on llifetime: now pipes withstand the heat better. It is worth noting that we have decided not to reduce the thickness of the pipe wall keeping the a standard orifice size. It also had no effect on the mounting technology, it is easy and simple to weld pipes as usual. Moreover it is possible to weld together pipes made of PPR80 and PPR100.

A key advantage of the source material change from PPR80 to PPR100 is the increase of the tubes resource and high resistance to high temperatures and pressures.
Meanwhile some manufacturers are hurrying to reduce the thickness of pipes and it affects
adversely the quality of the product: the reliability of such tubes is significantly lower than in accordance with GOST. In particular, the thinner pipes can not tolerate pressure and temperature differences, it can cause their rupture.

  • 22-01-2012


    Главное чтоб было надежно и качествено.

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