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Land Rover TESSA heats homes

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12 September 2011
The first car using stored heat from the engine to produce heat energy for use in homes for hot water and central heating will be on show for the first time at environmental trade show Nextgen later this year.

TESSA, which stands for Thermal Energy Storage and Saving Automobile, is a Land Rover Freelander fitted with a prototype thermal energy storage and transfer system developed by UK based heating supplier Atmos Heating Systems.

According to Atmos, the internal combustion engine remains the power unit of choice for our road vehicles. Despite numerous advances in engine efficiency, however, this still only manages a mechanical power efficiency averaging around 30%. The remaining 70% is dissipated as heat, through the radiator coolant system and the exhaust. Although some of the coolant system energy is used to heat the interior of the vehicle, the rest is simply lost into the atmosphere.

The technology developed by Atmos can be integrated with other renewable technologies in the home such as solar thermal and heat pumps. It can also be deployed into vehicles using biofuels instead of petrol and diesel fuels to ensure additional environmental benefits. 

Focusing on emerging environmental technologies, Nextgen will be held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on 5-6 October. More than 150 international exhibitors and over 3,000 visitors are expected to take advantage of free admission during both days.
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