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Underfloor heating system «Teplolux Profi»

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02 August 2012

The company "Special systems and technologies", Russia's largest manufacturer of electrical heating systems, is launching a series of underfloor heating systems "Teplolux Profi" with a lifetime warranty.
A new series of electric underfloor heating "Teplolux Profi" is changing the consumer's view on the service life of heating elements. "Teplolux Profi" is the first electric system that provides the home comfort based on heating cables which have a lifetime warranty. The company "Special systems and technologies" embodied a number of technological innovations, developments and know-how into the "Teplolux Profi". Among them: ultra-thin two-core heating cable, fittings, sew-on way of cable attachment to the base of the heating mat. Engineers of the "Special systems and technologies" have designed and built a product of high quality and reliability that has no analogues in Russia. The guarantee is valid for the duration of operation, ie it is lifelong. Electric floor heating is one of the most reliable and durable systems of heating, its lifetime is 50 years.

A series of "Teplolux Profi" will come to the retail with 2 heating mats ProfiMat and heating section ProfiRoll. A series of underfloor heating systems "Teplolux Profi" is intended for professionals of the construction business, specialists involved in repair of residential houses and electrical systems.

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